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Children's Factory Soft Tunnel Climber CF321-049 (IN STOCK) Children's Factory Shape & Play Obstacle Course CF322-391 Children's Factory Alpine Tunnel Slide Climber
PRICE:: $332.18
PRICE:: $375.95
PRICE:: $375.95
Soft Tunnel Climber Shape & Play Obstacle Course Alpine Tunnel Slide
Children's Factory Basic Play Set CF710-108PT Children's Factory Soft Tunnel Set CF710-099PT Children's Factory Crawley Bumps CF321-047
PRICE:: $133.06
PRICE:: $375.95
PRICE:: $129.89
Basic Play Set Soft Tunnel Set Crawley Bumps
Children's Factory Mariah's Play Center CF300-001 Children's Factory ABC Soft Mini Corner CF300-003 Children's Factory ABC Soft Mini Corner-Pastel CF300-003P
PRICE:: $560.38
PRICE:: $439.10
PRICE:: $439.10
Mariah's Play Center ABC Soft Mini Corner ABC Soft Mini Corner-Pastel
Children's Factory Toddler Pyramid Play Center CF300-007 Children's Factory Nuts And Bolts In Vinyl CF300-015 Children's Factory Little Chug Engine CF321-043
PRICE:: $663.71
PRICE:: $1,059.00
PRICE:: $619.22
Toddler Pyramid Play Center Nuts And Bolts In Vinyl Little Chug Engine
Children's Factory Little Train CF321-080 Children's Factory Rainbow Arch Climber CF321-207 Children's Factory Lily Pad Hillside Climber CF321-320
PRICE:: $1,379.00
PRICE:: $752.69
PRICE:: $203.19
Little Train Rainbow Arch Climber Lily Pad Hillside Climber
Children's Factory Lily Pad Lane CF321-323 Children's Factory Mikayla's Mini Mountain CF321-938 Children's Factory Corner Tunnel Climber CF321-948
PRICE:: $589.80
PRICE:: $530.96
PRICE:: $442.69
Lily Pad Lane Mikayla's Mini Mountain Corner Tunnel Climber
Children's Factory Hannah's Hideaway CF321-983 Children's Factory Tunnels of Fun CF322-051 Children's Factory School Age Corner Colossus CF322-072
PRICE:: $449.87
PRICE:: $589.80
PRICE:: $2,179.99
Hannah's Hideaway Tunnels of Fun School Age Corner Colossus
Children's Factory Tunnel Mountain Slide CF322-078 Children's Factory School Age Tunnel Climber CF322-083 Children's Factory Elliptical Play Ring CF322-161
PRICE:: $756.28
PRICE:: $1,213.39
PRICE:: $302.04
Tunnel Mountain Slide School Age Tunnel Climber Elliptical Play Ring
Children's Factory Playring With Tunnel & Slide CF322-162 Children's Factory Highlands Climber CF322-217 Children's Factory Corner Ridge Climber CF322-218
PRICE:: $453.45
PRICE:: $1,125.13
PRICE:: $756.28
Playring With Tunnel & Slide Highlands Climber Corner Ridge Climber
Children's Factory Flower Petal Ball Pool CF322-226 Children's Factory Relaxing Retreat CF322-227 Children's Factory Medieval Kingdom Climber CF322-228
PRICE:: $516.60
PRICE:: $339.36
PRICE:: $906.98
Flower Petal Ball Pool Relaxing Retreat Medieval Kingdom Climber
Children's Factory Sensory Play House CF322-229 Children's Factory Rainbow Arch Trio CF322-230 Children's Factory Flower Petal Play CF322-231
PRICE:: $273.99
PRICE:: $265.44
PRICE:: $416.86
Sensory Play House Rainbow Arch Trio Flower Petal Play
Children's Factory Mini Spiral Mountain CF322-362 Children's Factory Add-on Entry Step CF322-366 Children's Factory Butterfly Climber CF322-373
PRICE:: $215.37
PRICE:: $63.18
PRICE:: $222.98
Mini Spiral Mountain Add-on Entry Step Butterfly Climber
Children's Factory Ladybug Climber CF322-374 Children's Factory Triple Crawl Thru Climber CF322-376 Children's Factory Shape & Play Climber CF322-389
PRICE:: $215.37
PRICE:: $431.21
PRICE:: $250.39
Ladybug Climber Triple Crawl Thru Climber Shape & Play Climber
Children's Factory Tunnel Labyrinth CF331-507 Children's Factory Bradie's Bonanza CF421-108 Children's Factory Lanie's Soft Staircase CF705-133PT
PRICE:: $906.98
PRICE:: $365.19
PRICE:: $137.02
Tunnel Labyrinth Bradie's Bonanza Lanie's Soft Staircase
Children's Factory Playtime Island CF705-294 Children's Factory Merry-Go-Soft CF710-094PT Children's Factory Chisholm Trail CF710-095PT
PRICE:: $530.96
PRICE:: $678.78
PRICE:: $442.69
Playtime Island Merry-Go-Soft Chisholm Trail
Children's Factory Marshmallow Upside Downs CF710-096 Children's Factory Snuggle Corner CF710-101PT Children's Factory Toddler Terrace CF710-102PT
PRICE:: $434.80
PRICE:: $230.59
PRICE:: $238.21
Marshmallow Upside Downs Snuggle Corner Toddler Terrace
Children's Factory Snuggle Warren CF710-104PT Children's Factory Soft Future CF710-105PT Children's Factory Tunnel Trilogy CF710-106PT
PRICE:: $327.87
PRICE:: $398.20
PRICE:: $261.81
Snuggle Warren Soft Future Tunnel Trilogy
Children's Factory 4 pc. Woodland Terrace CF710-120 Children's Factory Exporama CF710-145PT Children's Factory Active Play Zone CF710-146PT
PRICE:: $234.40
PRICE:: $322.85
PRICE:: $302.04
4 pc. Woodland Terrace Exporama Active Play Zone
Children's Factory Cozy Woodland Climb-Up Tunnel CF710-149 Children's Factory Cozy Woodland Corner Passageway CF710-150 Children's Factory Cozy Woodland Brook Overpass CF710-151
PRICE:: $332.18
PRICE:: $442.69
PRICE:: $375.95
Cozy Woodland Climb-Up Tunnel Cozy Woodland Corner Passageway Cozy Woodland Brook Overpass
Children's Factory Cozy Woodland Hideout - Walnut and Green blend CF710-153 Children's Factory Cozy Woodland Mini Trail - Blue Blend /Lt. Almond CF710-155 Children's Factory Cozy Woodland Cascade - Blue Blend/Lt. Almond CF710-157
PRICE:: $442.69
PRICE:: $133.06
PRICE:: $324.29
Cozy Woodland Hideout - Walnut and Green blend Cozy Woodland Mini Trail - Blue Blend /Lt. Almond Cozy Woodland Cascade - Blue Blend/Lt. Almond
Children's Factory Cozy Woodland Corner Rambler CF710-160 Children's Factory Cozy Woodland Meadow Tunnel CF710-161
PRICE:: $234.40
PRICE:: $375.95
Cozy Woodland Corner Rambler Cozy Woodland Meadow Tunnel

Kid’s Climbers for Motor Skill Development

Each of our children’s climbers is designed to accommodate the manner in which children progress in the development of their motor skills. The stage of progressing from crawling to clambering is evidence of the coordination of the physical and intellectual processes. Movement learners need the opportunities to move and to be encouraged to continue advancing through these stages of development.

Our toddler climbers and kids climbers have been designed to provide just the right level of challenge to encourage this stage of gross motor instruction. In fact, providing for this stage of development is the key to reducing the potential for remedial physical movements when the child is ready to take on kindergarten. As children are able to attempt these movements they will repeat the effort to reach the destination. From bumps and hideouts that challenge beginners to more advanced steps, elevations and tunnels, our climbers for toddlers and young children are sure to give kids an outlet for their energy and need for physical interaction.