... Children's Factory 24" x 48" Mirror CF332-132

Children's Factory 24" x 48" Mirror CF332-132

$ 89.44
Available to ship: 7-10 Days days

Add a new dimension to dramatic and creative play! This shatter-resistant acrylic wall mirror fastens easily to wall creating an irresistible for point for play.

All flat mirrors are made of special formation bendable shatter resistant PET. Laser cut for smooth edges. Mirrors build self awareness and develop curiosity. All mirrors are now acrylic.  Simplifies installation and holds mirrors fast against surface.

 Hardware not included.

Ages: All ages

Shipping: Free
Dimensions: 48"L x 12"W x .06"H
Item Number: CF332-132
Available to ship: 7-10 days
Guarantee: Two years on all materials and workmanship


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