... Children's Factory Baby Changer CF805-002

Children's Factory Baby Changer CF805-002

$ 643,467.00
Available to ship: 7-10 Days days

This plush foam pad cradles baby and allows the caregiver to face baby while changing. Easily carry the pad and use it on any surface. Sharp edges and harsh points are eliminated with sloping curved sides.

The durable environmentally friendly polyurethane cover keeps baby dry, clean and comfortable. Changing surface is easy to disinfect and wipe clean.

  Floor/tabletop space required 29" x 18" x 6".

Ages: Birth to 3 Years

Shipping  Free
Dimensions: 29" x 18" x 6"
Item Number: CF805-002
Available to ship: 7-10 days
Guarantee: Two years on all materials and workmanship


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