... Children's Factory Cozy Woodland Hideout CF710-153

Children's Factory Cozy Woodland Hideout CF710-153

$ 458.99
Available to ship: 7-10 Days days

Perfect for babies just starting to crawl! This soft and safe environment is fun to explore and helps little ones build muscle control. This 10 piece set comes in calming woodland colors and includes ramps arches and steps that are low enough to keep children safe as they climb over and through them.

Sturdy foam pieces attach securely with hook and loop and have surfaces that are easy to wipe clean.

Ages: 12 Months to 3 Years

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Dimensions: 60"L x 40"W x 17"H
Item Number: CF710-153
Available to ship: 7-10 days
Guarantee: Two years on all materials and workmanship
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