... Children's Factory Organic Cuddly Boy - Light Skin CF100-835

Children's Factory Organic Cuddly Boy - Light Skin CF100-835

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These ever-so-soft cuddly friends will become everyone'e favorite in the class!  Your children can snuggle with our sweet organic dolls while you know you are doing good by the environment.  These dolls are polyester filled and covered with 100% certified organic plush cotton. Boy and girl dolls are offered in both light and medium skin. Machine washable and dryable.                                       

The covers of our organic products are made of organic cotton that was grown without using pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetic engineering or ionizing radiation. It is also grown with a view to minimize environmental impact by using renewable resources and conserving soil and water.  These products are certified to OE Blended Standard. 


 Ages 8 months and up    

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Dimensions: 15"H
Item Number: CF100-835
Available to ship: 7-10 days
Guarantee: Two years on all materials and workmanship


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