Children's Factory Tunnels of Fun CF322-051
$ 648.99

Under, over, around and through! 28" high twin tunnel climber sized for toddlers through 4’s. Double spiral staircase platforms lure little legs up and down brilliantly colored climber. The Tunnels of Fun soft climber will assist in spatial reasoning and gross motor development.

Toddlers will climb up down over and under the tunnels and gentle steps exercising their bodies and minds. Modules held together with hook and loop. THIS CLIMBER MUST BE PLACED AGAINST WALL FOR SAFE PLAY.

Ages: 2 Years to 4 Years

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Dimensions: 64"L x 64"W x 28"H
Item Number: CF322-051
Available to ship: 7-10 days
Guarantee: Two years on all materials and workmanship
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